About UsHistory

Box and Dice was founded in 1988 by Rick Perrior and Allan (Speed) Ismay. The company has grown from 2 to 10 people in that time and now employs a combination of traditionally skilled trades people, CNC operators and Design educated project managers.

The passing of time has seen several transitions through the introduction of new technologies. The biggest paradigm shift being the introduction of the computer to both office life as well as production. The computer opened the door to technologies such as SLA and SLS rapid prototyping and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining which have both changed the face of Box and Dice, reducing lead times, increasing quality and achievable complexity and narrowing the gap between the office and the production floor.

Every day each member of the Box and Dice team is stretched beyond their training as together we balance the best of the traditional processes with the best of innovative thinking and technology, seeing the limitations of both and allowing them to complement each other to bring you a superior outcome.

Special mentions must go to the following four people for their contribution to Box and Dice over the years.

Pam Sadler.
Without Pam’s efforts over 7 years Box and Dice would be a very different place. Her organisational skills have transformed Box and Dice into a company where projects are not just allocated but each project is individually project managed. We were sad to see her leave Box and Dice early in 2006 to take up a position at Mission Australia, but she left the place in good shape!

Dennis & Judy Lorant.
Judy & her late husband Dennis formed our accounting team from day one. Their continued support of our company has been much appreciated.

Annemarie Jamieson
Our most recent gratitude goes out to Annemarie for her magnificent effort in establishing the comprehensive re-branding of Box and Dice and its current online presence. Without her initiatives, this new website would not have been possible. We wish her well in her new endevour as a mother and greatly appreciate her 6 years of dedication, especially from Speed.

Thanks to all those who have formed a part of the Box and Dice team over the years.