About Us History

Founded by Rick Perrior and Allan (Speed) Ismay in 1988, Box & Dice has worked with a broad range of clients and helped them produce some major design outcomes.

The company has evolved across three decades, four locations and seen many changes to both design and manufacturing within Australia.

The passing of time has seen several transitions through the introduction of new technologies. In an industry reliant on hand tools and simple production methods, the company used vacuum forming and fabrication to create prototype parts. The computer opened the door to new processes such as CNC machining and 3D printing which were quickly added to our range of potential production methods.

These technologies have helped enhance the way Box & Dice operates and the services it offers as well as adding to the skills its employees have and continue to develop.

Every day each member of the Box & Dice team is stretched beyond their training as together we balance the best of traditional processes with the best of innovative thinking and technology, seeing the limitations of both and allowing them to complement each other to bring you a superior outcome.

Like every small business we have felt the pressure of changing trends and the effects of competition both local and from overseas.

Over the 30 years in business Rick and Speed have been lucky to employ and work with some exceptional tradespeople, designers and free thinkers who have helped Box & Dice survive quiet times and cope with the all too often frantic deadlines through their support and dedication, good humour and cakes!