Services 3D Computer Modelling

We are proud to offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) services utilising the latest in parametric 3D modeling software.

We work off anything from a napkin sketch, to a well gesticulated description with facial expressions to create a 3D CAD representation of what it is you would like to create. This 3D CAD model will then be suitable for production of prototypes, patent applications and marketing/investment proposals. We provide incremental control drawings along the way to maintain clarity and make sure all details are well developed and explained.

We offer computer rendered images, engineering drawings and 3D files in a variety of formats. We ask that you note – the more explicit your initial brief is, the more economical your 3D modeling quote will be. If your project is not exactly suited to our services, we have a network of design consultancies and independent industrial designers that we can recommend.

So, whatever your project, we pride ourselves on always having a solution, a recommendation, or advice to help direct you on your design journey.