Cochlear Support Products

Client: Cochlear

Design: Cochlear and Box and Dice

Product: Teddy BTE Toy Sound Processors, Everday Cases, Nucleus Demo Implant Model, Splashbox Mouldings, BTE Battery Keyrings

Surrounding their ground breaking innovations, Cochlear has a collection of accessories that assist in the maintenance and understanding of the Cochlear Sound Processors. Box and Dice has worked with Cochlear for a number of years with managing, manufacturing and continually developing these products as markets change and innovations progress. As support products, the main requirement is that these items remain cost effective. Our long standing service in the industry and design experience allows us to advise on the most efficient production methods without compromising on the important design features.

We recommend that if you are considering small run manufacture, it is important to note that prototyping and development time are essential. These projects do not move quickly and lead-times are calculated in months rather than weeks.

Photography by Richard Gates Photography