MedicalCochlear Insertion Models: Medical

Client: Cochlear

Design: Cochlear and Box and Dice

Product: Cochlear Electrode Insertion Bone Model

The Cochlear Electrode Insertion Bone Model simulates the anatomy and the orientation of the head during surgery and provides surgeons with a sophisticated training apparatus to practice implanting the delicate Cochlear electrode. Previously, if a surgeon wanted to practice the technique of inserting a Cochlear implant, their options were limited. The Electrode Insertion Bone Model mimics the cochlea cavity within the human skull while allowing the surgeon to view and record the insertion technique through an acrylic window, using a digital microscope. The ability to assess the technique after each insertion attempt allows for increased feedback and subsequently more rapid progress in surgical skill and technique. The most important result is that Cochlear patients continue to receive the world’s leading hearing solutions through innovation and accurate training. Box and Dice worked with Cochlear to develop and manufacture this new surgical training tool. Multiple prototypes were trialled and developed before the first production run. We now manage the entire production and manufacture of the Electrode Insertion Bone Models. Most of the work is done in-house but we use all local suppliers where outsourcing is required. Our close involvement with the prototype means we can provide better troubleshooting for any manufacturing hurdles and more accurate quality control procedures before the kit is packed and dispatched to clinics and surgical trainers around the world. All images courtesy of Cochlear Limited 2010