Foyer of Cochlear Ltd

Client: Cochlear Ltd

Design: Cross Media Communications (CMC)

Product: Cochlear Foyer Cabinet Display Panels & Oversized Electrode Model

As part of Cochlear’s plan to expand on local production, they required a new premises to house their many engineers and creatives. A grand building required a grand foyer, so they commissioned Cross Media Communications to design it and Box and Dice to produce the displays.

The foyer’s display cabinet presents a chronological journey of innovation from Cochlear’s first processor to their latest release of the Nucleus 5 and the Baha. Each display contains a life-size plastic ear, moulded/vacuum cast in clear polyurethane and mounted onto acrylic panels that we formed to shape using a curved Ureol pattern.

Amongst the displays sits an oversized electrode cast in silicone with translucent, multicoloured notches embedded inside. Each notch houses an LED light which runs along a wire and connects to the speaker box to the top left of the electrode. Visitors are encouraged to talk into the speaker box and watch the light travel along the LEDs depending on the pitch and volume of the sound. Above the electrode floats a clear acrylic cochlea that we vacuum formed off a polished pattern. This entire module was made in our workshop and used almost every one of our in-house capabilities including; CNC machining, silicone moulding, plastic moulding, vacuum forming, manual fabrication and spray finishing along with our electronics, engineering and design service skills.