Custom ObjectsGeoff Kleem: Axiomatic

Client: Geoff Kleem

Design: Axiomatic & Tympanumum

Product: Custom

Sydney based photographer, sculptor and National Art School Lecturer Geoff Kleem approached us in 2017 for our involvement in his work “Axiomatic” & Tympanumum

The sculptural work consisted of a filing cabinet, chair and air compressor intersecting in a scaled abstract form. The work was made using a variety of techniques including 3D printing of handles, Air compressor components and other small details. The main substrate was CNC machined in MDF and Ureol.

Once assembled the work was painted in a satin white finish creating an incredibly interesting and eye catching piece.

As part of the same show  Geoff also created a structural piece titled Tympanumum. This consisted of two ureol dishes machined and joined together. They were finished in a grey and filled with polyurethane internally. These were then mounted to a fabricated metal frame which Geoff produced. The work stood proud at two metres tall once complete.

Images courtesy Geoff Kleem