Tyco F638 Slurry Valves

Client: Tyco Flow Control Pacific

Design: Original valve by Keystone, Model Concept by Tyco

Product: F638 Slurry Valves

Tyco Flow Control Pacific is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of valves, actuators and controls. Our most recent work with this group has been the production of 1:1 scale models used for instructional purposes during exhibitions, trade shows and as a mobile sales tool.

It was important to consider the role the product would play when constructing the prototypes. It was thus essential that the models were exact replicas of the actual valves, so that prospective clients could see exactly what they are purchasing. However, there is also no need for them to cost or weigh the same as the real thing.

The F638 Slurry Valve models included machined master parts using the CNC mill and then vacuum casting in blue, pigmented polyurethane. Multiple parts were moulded to make the investment into silicone tooling economical. All parts were professionally spray painted with a final coat of polyurethane paint in order to mimic the powdercoated metal finish of the real components.

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