Services Silicone & Plastic Moulding

One of our main services is silicone moulding and cold casting or vacuum casting. We work with 2 main types of materials – silicone and polyurethane. Both of these come in a range of hardnesses and can be pigmented with a select pallette of colours.

We use rigid moulds when pouring silicone parts and silicone moulds when pouring urethane parts.

The nature of using silicone in moulding means that even the smallest detail on the original is also present on the duplicate. Parts can be poured as rigid or flexible, in any custom colour, opaque or clear, and in some metallics and pearlescents.

When designing for silicone moulding, undercuts must be minimised so that the part is able to be released from the mould. Silicon moulds output, on average, around 15 parts each before a new mould is required.

Requirements: 3D CAD files in STL and SAT format. If you want duplicates of a product and already have a master, you can supply this yourself (only available for casting in polyurethane).