InteriorHUG Lounge

Client: Corporate Culture

Design: Susanne Mayer & Damien Mulvihill

Product: HUG Lounge

Susanne Mayer and Damien Mulvihill from BVN were the other finalists in the Corporate Culture 2008 Design Journey competition to have their work selected for prototyping and launch at the 2009 Saturday in Design. Anybody fortunate enough to spend some time relaxing inside one of these structures can attest to the calm ambience and luxury feel of the beautifully upholstered HUG.

The original prototype used bent plywood and combined CNC machined corner details to acheive the complex geometry required along the edges. Box and Dice is still prototyping developments of the HUG in the hope for a lighter and more economical construction with demountable sides for ease of transport.

The lush textiles are supplied by Corporate Culture. For more information on the HUG see the Corporate Culture website.

See the revealing before and after photos on Flickr…

A photo on Flickr