InteriorZoe: Design

Client: Corporate Culture

Design: Lenard Design Associates

Product: Zoe

Each year Corporate Culture host the Design Journey Competition, helping independent designers explore and prototype their ideas. In 2008 Lenard Design Associates came up with the winning entry for the year’s theme “room within a room”. The result was Zoe.
This was one of 2 designs that Box and Dice produced for Corporate Culture that year. The Zoe project took several months and included the production of multiple working prototypes prior to construction of the final unit.

With its strong lines, dynamic design quality and highly engineered core it was exhibited at the 2009 Saturday in Design with great success. The interactivity of the unit, spiralling open and closed with a light touch, was particularly attractive to those visiting the showroom.

For more information on the Design Journey competition or Zoe see the Corporate Culture website.

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